Legal Draft Brewery 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Arlington On Tap - April 11, 2017

Super Foodie Bud Kennedy up next at Arlington on Tap.

The Star-Telegram’s top foodie writer and chief muckraker pundit, legendary columnist Bud Kennedy, puts in an appearance as the chief speaker at Arlington onTap April 11 at Legal Draft.

Happy Hour Begins at 6 pm. Speaker starts at 7:00 pm. Brought to you by Arlington Historical Society and Arlington Proud along with media sponsorship of Arlington Today Magazine. 

“We ran into Kennedy, naturally, at a new Arlington restaurant and asked him to show up at Tap to tell us all about his strangest Tarrant County dining experiences, and he agreed – if we’d buy dessert,” Tap co-founder O.K. Carter said. “It cost me an extra $5, but he’s worth it.

He’s also going to tell us his top dining out picks – good stuff to know.”“I think he also wanted us to front his beer at Legal Draft, but fortunately we’re a cooperative, collaborative entity,” said Mark Joeckel, the other creator of Arlington on Tap.

Kennedy’s career at the Star-Telegram began as a sports stringer while he was still a high school student more than 40 years ago. He’s now the senior columnist at the Star-Telegram and a last man standing survivor in what has become a shrinking industry – a topic he may also touch on a bit, along with some choice political insights at which he excels.

“Don’t forget that he’s also chief muckraker,” Carter said.
Arlington on Tap is hosted by the Arlington Historical Society, Arlington Proud and Arlington Today Magazine.